The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 134

This week - we got the chance to drive the Fiskar Karma this past week - originally with a starting price of over $100,000 it is easily the most expensive vehicle we've ever driven. Fiskars can now be had for much closer to $30,000 and after driving one, we're not even sure that they're worth that much...

We also drove the Jaguar F-Type R.  There's no comparison between the Jaguar and the Fiskar, the Jaguar is sporty, responsive, and refined in every way that the Fiskar is now. To quote Ferris Bueler - If you have the means, I highly recommend it...

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In the news this week - 

Carmen Jorda firmly plants her foot in her mouth and works to extract it

There's a new feeder series in the F1 ladder - Formula 3 is coming and will be promoted by the Formula 1 Group.

Liberty is holding off on plans to reorganize the F1 calendar

Kevin Magnusson wants to drive in IndyCar

Williams says that they don't think that Mercedes gives them downgraded engines

The French GP may be bringing back some old F1 traditions.

Mercedes is concerned about how their car treats the softer tires

New year, new colors, new engine manufacturer - but reliability is still a problem at McLaren

Renault has a new wing coming for Australia.

And here is the predictions sheet so that you can play along at home...

The Bloke and A Bird Show 2018 Predictions:

Who will win the Drivers Championship?

Who will win the Constructor’s Championship?

Will Kimi Raikonnen leave F1 this year? Retired/replaced/fired all acceptable

Will Valteri Bottas get his Mercedes contract renewed for 2019?

Who will score more points in 2018 - Max Verstappen or Daniel Ricciardo? 

Who will finish higher - McLaren or Renault?

Who will finish higher - Haas or Alfa-Romeo Sauber?  ALFAB!!!!!!

Who will finish higher - McLaren or Force India (or whatever the new name is)?

Will a McLaren driver get a podium this year?

Will a team other than Ferrari, Red Bull or Mercedes win a race this year?

Will Fernando Alonso leave F1 in 2018?

Will Daniel Ricciardo leave Red Bull in 2018? If so, where?

Who will score more points - Esteban Ocon or Segio Perez?

Will Red Bull dump Renault this year?

Will F1 confirm a new race - and if so where? Doesn’t have to be 2020 or 2021.  Just a confirmation of event.

What team will Esteban Ocon drive for in 2019?

Will Lewis Hamilton announce his retirement in 2018? Just announce, not retire.

What team(s) will report a car jacking or robbery attempt in Brazil? 



Posted on March 11, 2018 .