The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 133

This week Formula 1 announced their much anticipated streaming service, and it looks like it will deliver on much of what we're hoping for:

  • Live streaming of races
  • Live streaming of press conferences and other coverage around the weekend
  • The ability to follow any driver we want
  • Access to past races
  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in the US and 39 other countries

What we don't know is how time shifting will work, or even if it will be allowed, but we're hopeful that this fills the gap in coverage in the US.  

For our friends in the UK you won't get access to the new service but Sky is lowering the price of F1 coverage via NowTV apparently in response to the new service.

Did you know F1 had a theme song? Well, it's getting a new one.

Bernie Ecclestone has crawled out of his cave/Swiss Hotel/Brazilian Coffee Farm and spoken to the press again.

Toto Wolf says that the FIA's message about engines last week wasn't because of something they were doing.

We saw the final car launches and liveries this week - the Red Bull looks like pretty much every other Red Bull, the Toro Rosso looks like last year's Toro Rosso, and the Force India looks like last year's Force India (but more pink and white).

Renault says that they're going to keep their engines turned down to start the season off.

Lewis doesn't like it when tracks get repaved.

Finally we take about testing - and more this year than previous years it's pretty much useless to make predictions based on testing. (Not that it will stop us or anybody else)

Posted on March 4, 2018 .