The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 135

You still have time to get your team created and join the league over at, league code 14831491.

Over in Formula E there was some controversy in qualifying at the Punta Del Este E-Prix, and Lucas Di Grassi got a penalty for wearing the wrong underwear - no really...

How is Formula E going to have races where the drivers don't need to switch cars - make the races shorter.

ESPN's broadcast schedule has been announced, and as we feared, we're loosing pre and post race coverage in the US.

The FIA is watching for teams using engine modes to gain an aerodynamic advantage, and oil burning apparently it's still a thing.

Jean Todt says that the drivers shouldn't complain about the halo because the FIA was just doing what they wanted, and he thinks that Ferrari should loose their rules veto.

Toto Wolff says it would be bad to make Sergio Marchionne angry.

Toro Rosso is realizing that it's pretty cool to be a works team.

McLaren got a flip flop maker to sponsor their halo for a race.

And Fernando Alonso said that he considered leaving F1 at the end of last season and we're not at all surprised.

Posted on March 18, 2018 .