The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 95

As usual, Patricia goes away for a week and the paddock explodes...

The FIA is going to create a Hall of Fame - what are your suggestions for nominees?

Liberty continues to undo Bernie Ecclestone's impact.

Bernie might buy Interlagos - and now he says that FOM charges organizers too much money even though he was the one who negotiated all of those deals.

Malaysia is leaving F1 - but Turkey may be coming back?

No, really, Honda has truly misjudged the competitiveness of modern Formula 1.

Fernando Alonso really is skipping Monaco for the Indy 500. Are you going to watch Indy this year, and will you be doing so because of Fernando?

Congratulations to the Wolff family on the birth of their new son - we assume that if Mercedes didn't have a super cool creche they're going to soon...

And Congratulations to the Williams family on the announcement that Claire is expecting - we suspect that the Williams Heritage Collection will be an ideal location to raise the newest member of the family!

Posted on April 16, 2017 .