The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 94

Before we look back at last week's race, we participated in a different sort of race this weekend at the Great Lakes Science Center. By adopting the F1 strategy of find the limits of the rules and push right up to the edge we designed a "car" that raced to a commanding victory.

Did this year's Australian Grand Prix feel short to you? Well it was the shortest Australian Grand Prix ever.

Fernando Alonso thinks this year's McLaren Honda is the slowest car on the grid - but at least Honda can upgrade the engine - something that Sauber can't look forward to with their late model Ferrari.  This is the same Sauber that thinks that it's realistic for them to score points, and apparently the same Sauber that has been talking to Honda about an engine supply.

Red Bull isn't expecting a significant engine upgrade until Montreal.

Did Mercedes loose Australian Grand Prix or did Ferrari win it - what do you think?

Lewis Hamilton doesn't need a physical trainer, and Lance Stroll thinks that we're all just jealous of him...

Posted on April 2, 2017 .