The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 96

This week we hear a little from the guy that Fernando Alonso will be replacing on the grid for the Indianapolis 500.

Bernie Ecclestone tries to remind us that he's still relevant to F1 - while at the same time complaining about how he's not being treated like he's not still relevant to F1.

VJ Mallya's been arrested, and then was released.

We know why Valteri Bottas' performance in Bahrain was so disappointing, and Lewis takes the blame for his penalty.

Pascal Wherlin is feeling better than he thought he would - oh and he wants to go back to the Race of Champions.

Lance Stroll still hasn't finished a race - but it's not his fault.

We're having flashbacks to 2015 with McLaren-Honda, especially after this week's test.

Changes are coming to Montreal's Circuit Giles Villeneuve, and Renault has created their vision for the future of F1.

Posted on April 23, 2017 .