The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 118

Buckle your seatbelts folks, this show is going everywhere this week.  We tried to put stuff in something that resembles order but even still we jump around quite a bit.

To start with, Circuit of the Americas wants an IndyCar race - and probably won't get one.  Josef Newgarden wants to drive in F1, but the American Team doesn't seem to want to give him a chance...

F1 went to Reddit to ask fans what we want from the sport - and the fans told F1 that we want to have streaming video, access to more of F1's video, access to more data, and that we'd be willing to pay for that.  Sean Bratches was listening because in the US at least we'll probably be seeing a new streaming service next year.

F1 has heard the complaints about the halo, and they're acting...  If they change the name it will make it all better right?

Oh, and expect to see F1 Live type of events coming to more cities in 2018 - our hope is that they remember that there's more to the host country of a race than just the city that the race is hosted in...

Could four wheel drive cars be coming? Maybe Friday practice will go away?

Pierre Gasley didn't win the Superformula series - but it wasn't his fault.

Brendan Hartley revealed how he got the job at Toro Rosso. His welcome to the team was a 50 page operations manual, and he had some helmet difficulties in his first sessions.

Daniel Kyviat is officially "terminated" by Toro Rosso.

Fernando Alonso will stay at McLaren for another year, and will drive in the Rolex 24 Hour race in Daytona next year.

Renault says that they're months ahead in their reliability efforts for 2018, which was of no comfort to Toro Rosso.

Sebastian Vettel had a difficult set of practice sessions for Mexico.

Williams almost got a pretty large fine for being late, and it's not the first time either.

Max Verstappen is still angry about how the USGP ended.

Daniel Riccardo didn't know that Max had a better engine.

McLaren is open to keeping Jenson Button around as an ambassador.

And Bernie Ecclestone is taking his toys and going to Switzerland...

Posted on October 29, 2017 .