The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 117

No show next week - somebody booked a trip without consulting the F1 calendar.  Some of us are just as disappointed as you are...

Jolyon Palmer is out of a job - Renault managed to talk Red Bull into giving up Carlos Sainz Jr before the season ended.  Carlos will be wearing yellow in Austin.

Could Jolyon go to Williams? We think he's "mathematically eligible" for the seat.

Daniel Kvyat is back at Toro Rosso - but is he taking his old seat, Carlos Sainz Jr's seat, or Pierre Gasly's seat? Pierre won't be in Austin but will finish up the Super Formula series in Suzuka that week.

Roman Grosjean stirred up some trouble in the drivers meeting in Suzuka last week - but it's not clear what his issue was.

Sebastian Vettel got another reprimand from the stewards - one more and he's facing a grid penalty.

Team orders are staying at Force India for now.

Bernie Ecclestone (remember him?) thinks Williams should hire Robert Kubica.

F1 wants a race in Holland - but not at the track.

And the 2018 IndyCar challenge is out - and the series is going to Portland, just don't ask us which one...

Posted on October 15, 2017 .