The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 119

Well, the 2017 title battles are completely wrapped up, and while it looked like this year the storylines might be different in the end it was more of the same:

  • Mercedes walks off with another Constructors Title
  • A Mercedes driver wins the Drivers Championship
  • And Ferrari falls apart in the last half of the season.

It was a thrilling start the the race in Mexico City though, and Ferrari hasn't completely imploded yet....

Fernando Alonso thinks that Lewis Hamilton had it easy this season... The rest of the world probably thinks otherwise.

Renault admits it probably pushed too much in Mexico City - and NBCSN - there were TWO Renault powered cars that finished the race, NOT ONE!

Felipe Massa is retiring at the end of the season... No, really...  No he really is....

Brendon Hartley almost ended up in IndyCar.

Bernie Ecclestone says that Mercedes is helping Ferrari with engine development - the response from the rest of F1 -why are we still listening to this guy?

McLaren is really excited for next year - because honestly, it can't get much worse than this year...

Posted on November 5, 2017 .