The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 179

This week Alfa Romeo Racing had it confirmed for them that you can’t appeal a penalty that isn’t in the rules list as “appealable”

Jean Todt says that there hasn’t been a credible candidate look to apply to enter F1 in 2021

Haas says that no matter what Rich Energy says on their Twitter account the team is not for sale and they’re not talking to a Saudi group to sell off the team.

Max Verstappen doesn’t want to be a deciding factor in who drives alongside him.

Mercedes has fired 4 employees for violations of it’s diversity policy

McLaren will be running Mercedes engines again starting in 2021 - and Mercedes insists that this won’t be a “works” deal. Meanwhile McLaren insists that this isn’t because of rumors that Renault will be leaving the series after the 2020 season.

Ross Brawn and Chase Carey talked to the drivers…

Carlos Sainz Jr wants more airtime for the mid-pack.

Daniel Kyvat couldn’t wear he’s special helmet that he had designed for the Russian Grand Prix.

Ferrari makes questionable strategy calls again.

Toro Rosso wants to change their name

And teams will be testing 2020 tires at the US Grand Prix this year.

Posted on September 30, 2019 .