The Bloke and a Bird Show Episode 178

Congratulations to Oliver Askew for clinching the IndyLights series championship and Joseph Newgarden for clinching the IndyCar driver’s championship.

F1’s leading drivers are against the idea of reverse grids.

Don’t like the current grid penalty system? Renault thinks they should be replaced with time penalties - and F1, they think penalty ballast is a better idea.

Pirelli has a “secret” indoor testing protocol for the 2020 tire compounds, but they’re still getting another tire test.

What about tossing the idea of standardizing parts and instead let the teams do what they’d like - but they have to share their parts designs with the rest of the field so that teams can pick and chose the best of the best items.

And probably the best suggestion we saw this past week - Alex Wurz says that tracks need to rethink how they use asphalt and gravel runoff areas, and that the two can coexist in such a manner that sausage curbs wouldn’t be needed.

Robert Kubica will not be driving a Williams in 2020.

Haas is keeping Romain Grosjean for 2020 and we don’t believe their stated reason for keeping him over taking Nico Hulkenberg who is now unlikely to be making a move to Alfa Romeo.

Mercedes got a fine for having fuel that was too cold before FP1.

We know what caused Daniel Ricciardo to be disqualified from qualifying in Singapore.

Ferrari considered swapping Vettel and Leclerc.

Giovinazzi got a penalty for driving too close to the recovery vehicle and marshals who were on track.

A plastic bag was the source of Kevin Magnussen’s trouble in Singapore.

And the rumors that Zaandvort won’t be ready to host their race in 2020 - fake news according to the man in charge of hosting the race.

Posted on September 23, 2019 .