The Bloke and a Bird Show Episode 66

A note for our broadcast partners - this week we go long.  Since we didn't record last week, we had a lot to talk about this week...

So while we were gone it seems like the plot of a bad action/adventure movie (or at least a lame episode of Arrow) played out in F1.  Bernie Ecclestone's Mother in Law was kidnapped - and the leader to the gang that took her appears to be his helicopter pilot.  So what's next, are we going to find out that Bernie is older than his mother in law - oh, right...  The good news is that she's home safe.

The future of Rio Haryanto is up in the air still - mind you this is the future of his 2016 season, not his 2017 season.  

The big question everyone is asking is what is going at Ferrari?

But also how can Mercedes forget how to use a stop watch?

Not only was the German Grand Prix last weekend, but so was the Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio, and we were right in the thick of it.  If you haven't been to our Facebook page, this would be a good time to visit.  Check out photos of the behind the scenes actions - and of Max Chilton and Alexander Rossi.

Posted on August 7, 2016 .