The Bloke and A Bird Episode 67

F1 has entered into the summer doldrums - teams and drivers are on a much needed break but fans and journalists are force to look everywhere for something interesting in the F1 world.

Rio Harianto fails to raise the cash for the rest of the year, he's headed to a reserve role while Esteban Ocon takes over.  Alexander Rossi was offered the seat, but turned it down - but 2017 could be the next time we see him in F1.

Sauber says there are no excuses for 2017, and the drama regarding Silverstone's sale continues, while Toto Wolf channels Captain Obvious.

We discuss how F1 could become part of the Big Sporting Event That Happens Every 4 Years.

Finally we move off of F1 and briefly talk about what we did on summer vacation...

Posted on August 14, 2016 .