The Bloke and a Bird Show Episode 171

Wow- what a week we’ve had! So much happened just in the last 5 days that we’ve got a longer show than normal, and we didn’t even deeply cover many of the past week’s big stories….

Robert Wickens was back on a track this weekend…

Jean Eric Vergne won his second Formula E championship…

Oh, and Formula E teams found a sneaky way to implement traction control, even though traction control isn’t allowed in the series.

Matrix management doesn’t work for McLaren

McLaren’s confirmed their driver lineup for 2020 - and Fernando Alonso isn’t part of it.

Jean Todt thinks that maybe refueling should come back.

Rich Energy - Haas, lots of crazy and lots for us to unpack there

Williams on the other hand has a title sponsor that’s not crazy at all, and committed to the team through 2023.

Williams is standing by Robert Kubica, and is also hopeful that they’ll continue as a Mercedes customer team.

Sport Pesa - Racing Point’s title sponsor has kicked off a neat fundraising campaign in support of efforts to find a cure for cancer.

Silverstone will continue to host the British Grand Prix.

Albon lost out on points this weekend because it wasn’t safe for the team to touch his car.

Sebastian Vettel apologized to Max Verstappen for their crash, and Matia Binotto says that Seb is happy and committed to the team and F1.

Posted on July 15, 2019 .