The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 169

So the bad news is that we still have the background hum in the recording. The good news is that we’re pretty sure we now know what is causing it and we’re spending the coming week refreshing our podcasting setup in order to take care of the issue. We’re hopeful that we’ll have the whole thing sorted in another episode or so.

It turns out that the feedback is unanimous, at least among our sources in F1 - the French Grand Prix was terrible, and it’s all Circuit Paul Ricard’s fault. Romain Grosjean is actually calling it a nightmare scenario.

Max Verstappen had an amazing Austrian Grand Prix.

We don’t fault the race stewards from investigating Max’s pass on Charles Leclerc, all the same we’re very happy that they elected not to take any action in response to the pass.

It took a while before we got the steward’s verdict, and we know why, either way Ferrari will not be appealing this decision.

Could there be an exit clause at play between Max Verstappen and Red Bull?

Red Bull Development Driver and SuperFormula Driver Dan Ticktum is now Former Red Bull Development Driver and Former SuperFormula driver Dan Ticktum.

Marcus Ericsson will drive an F1 car again - in a Pirelli tire test.

Could the 2020 spec tires be part of the race weekend at the end of this season?

Rumors of a London Grand Prix continue to swirl - could this have an impact on Silverstone?

Posted on July 1, 2019 .