The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 156

We’re back - although it doesn’t look like we missed all that much…

The UK’s Channel 4 will still get some coverage of F1 for 2019 - highlights and the British GP live.

F1 wants seven Fan Fests in 2019 - and they’ve announced a deal to bring betting into the sport.

There’s a new hotel coming to Silverstone and it will over look the pit lane.

Kimi Raikkone is leaving Ferrari to go to Sauber.

Pascal Wehrlein is leaving Mercedes.

Stoffel Vandorne is interested in IndyCar.

Force India will probably not let their drivers race against each other again.

Charlie Whiting doesn’t think that Sergio Perez intended to hit Sergei Sirotkin in Singapore - but he’s pretty upset of Grosjean ignoring blue flags. Thanks to that incident Romain Grosjean is just 3 points away from a race ban.

Haas says that Renault violated a gentleman’s agreement.

Force India avoided a 65k Euro fine, and Lewis Hamilton is playing mind games with Sebastian Vettel.

Posted on September 23, 2018 .