The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 151

Work continues on the new Concorde Agreement for 2021 - Chase Carey says that it's just down to the details and the compromises. However Cyril Abiteboul says that at least on the engine through - plans have fallen behind.

What won't be happening soon - a shift to a fully electric system in Formula 1.

F1 is open to rethinking how they generate revenues from events.

Could there be a German GP in 2019?

Lawrence Stroll has bought his son a Formula 1 team - which pretty much puts to shame any gift your father has given you.

No - Fernando Alonso will not be going to Red Bull. Not now, not ever. Don't bother asking Red Bull about it, because it's a dumb question.

Niki Lauda was days away from death when he was put on the lung transplant list.

And there's a new licensing scheme coming to IndyCar.

Posted on August 12, 2018 .