The Bloke and a Bird Show Episode 144

SPOILER ALERT - Will Power won the 102nd running of the Indianapolis 500, Daniel Ricciardo won the 76th Monaco Grand Prix, and there was a NASCAR race this past weekend...

A processional race without a lot of passing - are we talking about the Indy 500 or the Monaco Grand Prix? We're talking about both this year...

Hockenheim wants a better deal in order to keep hosting Grand Prix races.

Could the MGU-H get dropped by F1? Jean Todt at the FIA is open to it.

McLaren gets a new shareholder - and he's the father of Force India's Test and Development driver.

Sergey Sirotkin is a workaholic.

Gunther Steiner insists that Romain Grosjean's position with the team is not in jeopardy.

German media is speculating that Brendon Hartley might be replaced by Pascal Wherlin, and Helmit Marko gives a lukewarm denial.

Mercedes questions oil burning practices and Ferrari's battery usage.

Red Bull was willing to let Daniel Ricciardo blow his engine instead of retiring from the lead of the race.

Christian Horner warns Max Verstappen that he needs to stop crashing.

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso didn't like this year's race.

And Citroen fires their driver for "an excessively high number of crashes."

Posted on May 28, 2018 .