The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 138

What do you do with Formula E batteries when you upgrade them? Formula E says that they have plans.

Toyota's WEC car was 4+ seconds faster than the rest of the field during this week's testing - but it wasn't in race trim.

There won't be a fix for the lack of passing any time soon - and Ferrari and Renault are to blame.

Liberty has given the teams their roadmap for 2021 and beyond - and the small teams seem to like it.

Ross Brawn thinks F1 should consider making qualifying a race of it's own.

What's Mercedes' Party Mode? They tell us how it works, kind of.

Lewis Hamilton doesn't know why Mercedes is struggling this weekend - but maybe the tires are the issue?

Pirelli will have a special compound for Barcelona, Silverstone and Paul Ricard.

No new front wing at Force India this weekend - maybe?

Haas makes changes to it's pit box crew.

Max Verstappen explains how he ended up in the wall in Q1.

Russia and Monaco want grid girls - because Russian girls are pretty and children are afraid of mechanical things and Monaco pays their girls...

Posted on April 8, 2018 .