The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 130

The 2018 Bloke & A Bird Show Motorsports Calendar is coming soon - we promise...

The next round of the Formula E Championship will be held in Mexico City - and the proceeds from the race are being donated to the reconstruction efforts from the earthquake last year.

Daniel Abt thinks there's cheating in the Fanboost system in Formula E - while Alejandro Agog the CEO of the sport says that there is no cheating...

IndyCar's new aerokit has hit the track for the first official time - and it seems that it's leading to increased tire wear.

IndyCar also tested the aeroscreen concept of a windscreen for cockpit head protection.  Scott Dixon doesn't think it was all that bad.

The organizers of the Six hours of Fuji race have moved the race a week earlier in the month to allow Fernando Alonzo to compete, and McLaren insists that Fernando is on loan to Toyota and only there to race.

Grid Girls are gone - now we have Grid Kids.

All that money that Williams is getting from Sergey Sirotkin - possibly will be going towards car development.

The FIA is tweaking the rules regarding the engines to make it harder to squeeze out extra performance.

McLaren won't have any influence on Renault's engines for a few years.

Mercedes has replaced Hugo Boss with Tommy Hilfiger as their team wear sponsor.

McLaren has signed Dell as their new sponsor and technology partner.

Haas has a sponsor! WOOT!

Kyalami says that F1 needs to be more attractive financially in order for them to host a race.

We discuss the Amazon short series Grand Prix Driver.

And finally - we want your questions for the 2018 prediction show...

Posted on February 11, 2018 .