The Bloke And A Bird Show Episode 161

Yes, the 2018 Drivers Championship has been decided but the season isn’t over. There’s still a championship left to be decided, and it’s still important.

In the news this week - Rob Smedly is leaving Williams at the end of the season.

Slick tires are getting thinner tread depth in 2019.

Kevin Magnussen says that his car is too good for his team.

Haas’ disqualification in Monza is leading to a potential rules change for 2019.

Chase Carey is defending Formula 1’s partnership with a sports book.

Force India is bringing extra security to the Brazilian Grand Prix this year.

Vettel is reflecting on his championship loss - and he’s in trouble with the FIA after his weigh bridge incident.

McLaren will field a team at the 2019 Indianapolis 500 - and Fernando Alonso will be driving for them.

Is IndyCar coming to Rio de Janeiro?

Posted on November 11, 2018 .