The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 126

This week we're looking ahead to the 2018 season - so what's coming for 2018:

Circuit Paul Ricard is concerned about travel delays around the French Grand Prix

Pat Simmonds says that Formula One Group is looking at potential changes to grid formation

Could F1 be headed to Copenhagen?

A new merchandise scheme is coming to F1 races, and we're not as critical of it as the press seems to be.

Could a digital ticker be coming to the halo? We doubt it.

Zak Brown promises some great things coming to F1's media presence, and some big changes to the 2018 McLaren.

That Amazon show about McLaren we talked about early last year - there's now a release date, look for it on Feb 9.

Toto Wolf says that Pascal Wherlin may not have an F1 seat but he still has a job.

Ferrari has hired - Daniel Kyviat

Force India has cash - so they're upgrading their facilities.

Pirelli doesn't want a tire war and Cosworth says they need a partner if they're going to return to F1.

We take a look at the new technical and sporting regulations.

And finally we talk about the movie Williams - you can stream it over on Netflix.



Posted on January 14, 2018 .