The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 100

It was such a busy week this week that we didn't even realize that this was our 100th show until after we finished recording.

You didn't miss anything by us being off last week - there wasn't a whole lot happening.  This week however, even without Indy we would have had a full show.

Surprise! F1 fans don't want gimmicks to "improve the show"

Pastor Maldonado has crawled out of his cave to tell us that it's his choice that he's not in F1 and not because nobody trusts him with their car.

Ross Brawn is putting his own stamp on F1 (again).

Sauber will do anything for cheap engines.

Force India is upset over how they were penalized for their numbers.

Lewis Hamilton is channeling Lightning McQueen.

Did Ferrari favor Seb over Kimi?

Scott Dixon had an amazing shunt at Indianapolis - and walked away.

Oh and another Honda engine blew itself up on Fernando Alonso...

Posted on May 29, 2017 .