The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 83

This week we have a very special show for you that we recorded on location from the surface of Hoth... Oh and Patricia wants everybody to know that she has a new keychain.

We're still trying to find out what Sebastian Vettel named his 2016 F1 car, but nobody seems wiling to tell us.

In actual F1 news, Ferrari is claiming that Mercedes is breaking the rules by asking the FIA if they can break the rules.

Adrian Newey thinks you can promote innovation by taking away the tools used to innovate.

Honda may have convinced McLaren to drop the "Size 0" design concept.

Pascal Wehrlein has a race seat - at Sauber.

Rio Haryanto is still hoping for a race seat despite loosing his sponsorship from Pertamina.

Could Silverstone give up the British Grand Prix?

And car launch dates are getting announced...

Posted on January 8, 2017 .