The Bloke and a Bird Show Episode 48

The start of opening wheel racing season is tantalizingly closed.  Next week Indycar opens in Florida and the week after that F1 starts off in Melbourne Australia..

One of the things that's gotten noticed from Haas' F1 debut is that the car is rather bare of sponsors - which Gene Haas says is just better for him to promote his company.

The rules for 2017 are coming - later...  But qualifying is actually going to be changing starting in Australia.  Bernie says he doesn't like the new qualifying, but Christian Horner says that it was all Bernie's idea...  And by the way, the drivers don't seem to be big fans of the new qualifying format either.

Winter testing wrapped up this week, Mercedes is still running strong, but it looks like the teams that were nipping at their heels last year may be a bit closer.

And with Indycar starting next week we take a look at the series rules - and at first glance they're even more complicated than F1's rules...

Posted on March 6, 2016 .