The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 50

F1 is BACK!  It's been an up and down weekend, but F1 is BACK!

First some breaking good news - team owner unanimously have approved shifting back to the old qualifying for Race 2 and beyond.  Hopefully somebody <cough> Ecclestone <cough> learned something from this weekend's disaster.

In other news, Sebastian Vettel's car isn't named after a pizza (no, really), and VJ Vallya's financial stylings continue to make headlines...

Aston-Martin is back in F1 - but they assure us it's more than just stickers, and Christian Horner says engines aren't part of the deal - although rumors in the paddock say otherwise.

The radio ban is really strict - but the FIA may relent a little.

Finally, we had a great race to start the season - and no Qualifying had nothing to do with it...

Posted on March 20, 2016 .