The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 81

We're getting ready to join F1 on our respective mid-winter breaks.  Just a reminder there won't be a show next week, but we'll be back right after the New Year.

Patricia got to pay a visit to Puma's North American Headquarters this week, Puma provides team wear for several teams.

One of the check boxes needed for Liberty Media's takeover of F1 got ticked this week.

Drivers are completing their year-end reviews for their team's HR departments.

Fernando Alonso says that he's committed to McLaren.

Mercedes won't announce a new driver before the and of the year, and Toto Wolf after saying that he wouldn't consider Valtteri Bottas to replace Nico Rosberg - is considering Valterri Bottas to replace Nico Rosberg, which might bring a recently retired Williams driver back to Williams...

And - we made Sauber a verb... 

Posted on December 18, 2016 .