The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 20

A long show for your this week - first a little Formula 1 talk and then some talk about our recent trip to Bermuda.

Unfortunately we start off with some sad news as the F1 community mourns the loss of Jules Bianchi 8 months after his crash in Suzuka which left him in a coma.  Jules' death is a reminder that despite the comments that F1 is too easy, or that there's not any risk in the sport - that the opposite is actually the truth.

We also discuss the latest Silly Season rumors, and a recent article from Autosport comparing the costs of being an F1 fan to the costs of being a fan of other sports - in short, F1 is more expensive than the rest.

Then it's on to Bermuda, and if you go (and you should go) make sure you book a tour with our friend Ashley at Hidden Gems Bermuda ( and visit Patricia's favorite Bermudian artist Jennifer Rodriguez (  

Posted on July 19, 2015 .