The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 103

We're back!  It was a great week off but now we have a lot to talk about...

We don't normally discuss LeMans, but take a former F1 driver, a hand gesture and a blown clutch - well that gets our attention.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed will be celebrating Bernie Ecclestone.

Honda's still blowing up engines, and McLaren isn't amused.

Monisha Keltenborne - well we have a lot on her this week.

Is a rename coming for Force India?

Danill Kyviat is upset at people again.

Rumors from Eddie Jordan....

We got our first look at the 2018 calendar.

And could there be another Malaysian Grand Prix?

Posted on June 25, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 102

This week Apple updated Garage Band, so we're crossing our fingers that our recording goes well.

The FIA and F1 will be looking for ways to make racing better.

Portugal could be coming back to the F1 calendar.

Felipe Massa is open to staying in F1 longer.

Romain Grosjean explains why he's not giving up his seat in FP1 this year.

Toto Wolf says that no matter what Eddie Jordan is saying, Mercedes isn't getting ready to just become an engine supplier.

Kimi Raikonnen says that there's no #1 driver at Ferrari yet.

McLaren reads the riot act to Honda (and so does Fernando)

There are some changes happening this weekend in Montreal, and Ralf Schumacher doesn't like Fernando Alonso's kart track...

Posted on June 11, 2017 .

The Bloke and a Bird Show Episode 101

We get side tracked by donuts briefly this week but manage to get it back under control.

Fernando Alonzo didn't miss race in Monaco, and beside why should he - He's shown us that he doesn't need to be in an F1 car to have a Honda engine blow up on him....

The Indy 500's Rookie of the Year is - Surprise - Fernando Alonso...

Max Chilton says that F1 could benefit from IndyCar style spotters...

Nikki Lauda says this season is all over.

Mercedes can't figure out why Lewis' car isn't working right.

Honda might not have an engine upgrade ready for Montreal, but McLaren says that aerodynamically the car is doing good.

VJ Mallya is upset at Gene Haas.

Formula One Group wants more races, and they want the everywhere.

And Esteban Gutiarrez is back in a race car - just not in F1.

Posted on June 4, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 100

It was such a busy week this week that we didn't even realize that this was our 100th show until after we finished recording.

You didn't miss anything by us being off last week - there wasn't a whole lot happening.  This week however, even without Indy we would have had a full show.

Surprise! F1 fans don't want gimmicks to "improve the show"

Pastor Maldonado has crawled out of his cave to tell us that it's his choice that he's not in F1 and not because nobody trusts him with their car.

Ross Brawn is putting his own stamp on F1 (again).

Sauber will do anything for cheap engines.

Force India is upset over how they were penalized for their numbers.

Lewis Hamilton is channeling Lightning McQueen.

Did Ferrari favor Seb over Kimi?

Scott Dixon had an amazing shunt at Indianapolis - and walked away.

Oh and another Honda engine blew itself up on Fernando Alonso...

Posted on May 29, 2017 .

No Show Week of May 21

Sorry folks, this week was a full one for both of us and it bled into the weekend.

We just don't have enough time to get a show recorded this week, but have no fear we'll be back next weekend!

Posted on May 21, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 99

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out in our audience.  Oh, and if you're still looking for a Mother's Day gift - how about subscribing Mom to our show?

IndyCar insists that it's not trying to poach drivers from other series.

Chase Carey says lots of place want to host an F1 race.

Jean Todt wants a third term as FIA President

Haas says their brake system is complicated

Toto Wolf says that Lewis' problems in Sochi were complicated - but Lewis says the problem is fixed.

Honda's problems are far from fixed.

And there were some changes to the DRS zones for this week's race in Barcelona.

Posted on May 14, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 98

This week we start off with talking about IndyCar - not that there was anything really happening in IndyCar last week other than Fernando Alonso getting his first opportunity to get behind the wheel of an IndyCar at Indianapolis.

We also have reaction to Bernie Ecclestone's sympathy tour a few weeks ago - and the comments we got weren't in support of the things he had to say.

We do however support Monisha Kaltenborn's comments about a franchise system for team owners - a concept we've like for a few years now.

The Russia GP was dull - again.

Renault is delaying their engine upgrades.

And we think Romain Grosjean has made a significant turn in how he's viewed by his fellow drivers...

Posted on May 7, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 97

This week we have a question from Phil...  We don't know the answer but we think our guess is pretty good...

Force India thinks they figured out the aero bit that isn't working on their car - turns out its not the one we were hoping it would be.

It's confirmed, Sauber will be ditching their supply of leftover Ferrari engines and instead get newer but potentially worse engines from Honda in 2018.

The Strategy Group met this week, and it turns out even they're not happy with Honda's performance.

The Strategy Group approved banning t wings and shark fins - next year. They also approved standing starts after red flag periods - but we don't know when.

And Charlie Whiting told the teams that they need to change their paint jobs starting in Barcelona.

Changes were made to Turn 2 in Sochi to try and convince drivers to stay on the track, and it'll be at least 3 years before Sochi becomes a night race.

Finally, NCL's new ship Norwegian Joy will feature a two level Ferrari branded go kart track...

Posted on April 30, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 96

This week we hear a little from the guy that Fernando Alonso will be replacing on the grid for the Indianapolis 500.

Bernie Ecclestone tries to remind us that he's still relevant to F1 - while at the same time complaining about how he's not being treated like he's not still relevant to F1.

VJ Mallya's been arrested, and then was released.

We know why Valteri Bottas' performance in Bahrain was so disappointing, and Lewis takes the blame for his penalty.

Pascal Wherlin is feeling better than he thought he would - oh and he wants to go back to the Race of Champions.

Lance Stroll still hasn't finished a race - but it's not his fault.

We're having flashbacks to 2015 with McLaren-Honda, especially after this week's test.

Changes are coming to Montreal's Circuit Giles Villeneuve, and Renault has created their vision for the future of F1.

Posted on April 23, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 95

As usual, Patricia goes away for a week and the paddock explodes...

The FIA is going to create a Hall of Fame - what are your suggestions for nominees?

Liberty continues to undo Bernie Ecclestone's impact.

Bernie might buy Interlagos - and now he says that FOM charges organizers too much money even though he was the one who negotiated all of those deals.

Malaysia is leaving F1 - but Turkey may be coming back?

No, really, Honda has truly misjudged the competitiveness of modern Formula 1.

Fernando Alonso really is skipping Monaco for the Indy 500. Are you going to watch Indy this year, and will you be doing so because of Fernando?

Congratulations to the Wolff family on the birth of their new son - we assume that if Mercedes didn't have a super cool creche they're going to soon...

And Congratulations to the Williams family on the announcement that Claire is expecting - we suspect that the Williams Heritage Collection will be an ideal location to raise the newest member of the family!

Posted on April 16, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 94

Before we look back at last week's race, we participated in a different sort of race this weekend at the Great Lakes Science Center. By adopting the F1 strategy of find the limits of the rules and push right up to the edge we designed a "car" that raced to a commanding victory.

Did this year's Australian Grand Prix feel short to you? Well it was the shortest Australian Grand Prix ever.

Fernando Alonso thinks this year's McLaren Honda is the slowest car on the grid - but at least Honda can upgrade the engine - something that Sauber can't look forward to with their late model Ferrari.  This is the same Sauber that thinks that it's realistic for them to score points, and apparently the same Sauber that has been talking to Honda about an engine supply.

Red Bull isn't expecting a significant engine upgrade until Montreal.

Did Mercedes loose Australian Grand Prix or did Ferrari win it - what do you think?

Lewis Hamilton doesn't need a physical trainer, and Lance Stroll thinks that we're all just jealous of him...

Posted on April 2, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 93

Formula 1 is back!  Once again we'll be spending most of our weekend mornings on the couch as Formula 1 returns for a new season.

As the excitement built this week we heard from lots of folks -

Bernie Ecclestone is looking for your sympathy...

David Coulthard said something stupid.

Suzy Wolf lost her licences.

Ross Brawn said something stupid.  Then he said some smarter things.

Fernando Alonso told us he's still not happy with Honda.

Eric Boullier repeated what Eddie Jordan had to say about Honda back in 2015 - that they've completely misjudged the competitiveness of Formula 1 - Eric just used more words to do it. 

Posted on March 26, 2017 .

The Bloke and a Bird Show Episode 92

It's almost time - the start of the 2017 season is nearly upon us, and as promised we have our predictions for the upcoming season this week.

Posted on March 20, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 91

This week we're all over the motorsport world, with talk about 5 different series.

Posted on March 12, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 90

The cars are on the track for the first time in 2017, and as expected it was a mixed bag with some teams meeting and exceeding expectations - and others ending up much worse than planned.

Posted on March 5, 2017 .

The Bloke and a Bird Show Episode 89

Cheers! Just listen this week and that will make sense, trust us..

Posted on February 26, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 88

Turns out we were able to get a quick show in this week - amazingly we even managed to talk about Formula 1 for a few minutes too.

Posted on February 12, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 87

This week neither of us was feeling great, but we didn't let that stop us and soldiered on to make sure that we got you a show no matter what!

Ford said this week that they have no plans to return to F1, which one of us thinks is actually a bigger deal than the other.

We look at where Esteban Gutierrez may have blown it last season.

It's looking more likely that Paddy Lowe will be returning to Williams, and will also own a stake in the team.

Ferrari wrote another letter.

McLaren is renaming their 2017 car, and Renault wants to have a relationship with Nico Hulkenberg...

Posted on February 5, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 86

It really wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Formula 1 felt a seismic shift this past week.  The sacking of Bernie Ecclestone from the role he has held over Formula 1 for 40 years may have been expected to many, but yet still came as a surprise to all who follow the sport.  What happened this week was arguably one of the biggest events in Formula 1 in the last 30 years.  We discuss what happened, why it happened and wonder where the sport goes from here.

There were other stories this week though - Pirelli is concerned that the racing won't be great this year.

Filipe Massa will test a Formula E car.

Esteban Ocon will not serve as a Reserve Driver for Mercedes.

Stewards have new guidance for assessing penalties - and we're not sure it's better.

And it's the end of the line for Manor.

Posted on January 29, 2017 .

The Bloke and A Bird Show Episode 85

This week we got an answer to a burning question that we know has been at the forefront of everybody's mind - what has Pastor Maldonado been up to?

Turns out he's still holding out for a "competitive" race seat, which is why he was apparently in talks with the virtually defunct KV racing to get an IndyCar seat - as long as he didn't have to drive on ovals... Pastor says that he also had talks with Sauber but couldn't come to an agreement and was hopeful that Nico Rosberg's retirement would have led to an opportunity for him to join a competitive team...

As everyone had pretty much expected by now - Valteri Bottas is moving to Mercedes and Filipe Massa's retirement has ended almost before it could actually begin.

The Halo is done, although we don't know if F1 will actually adopt it.

Every track will be making changes for this year's new rules - while the BRDC insists that it hasn't activated the exit close to get out of hosting the British GP.

And Franz Tost thinks Formula 1 should roll out e-races...

Posted on January 22, 2017 .