2019 Fantasy GP League - TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

You still haven’t signed up to take part in The Bloke and A Bird Show’s 2019 Fantasy GP League - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?????

It’s not like you need to save up any money - you can play for FREE which is a lot less than the cost of a ticket to a Formula 1 race, and a whole lot less than the cost buying your own F1 team.

We’re even offering terrific prizes this year like:

  • Awe

  • Amazement

  • Fascination

  • Praise

So quit stalling, the 2019 season is almost here and your first picks have to be before Qualifying starts in Australia early Saturday morning (for those of you on the East Coast). Don’t let those points get away!

Just head over to www.fantasygp.com, sign up and join the league by entering the League Code 14831491

Posted on March 14, 2019 .