Join Us for Some Friendly Competition

As we are getting ready for the F1 season to begin, we found a way to really have some fun -- you've heard of Fantasy Football or Baseball (nah, me neither) -- but there's actually Fantasy F1 and it's free. (There's a PRO version, we aren't encouraging you to pay for anything -- we think we can have just as much fun with the free version).

So -- hop over to and create an account.  Build your own team and join the Bloke and a Bird League (enter code: 14831491) so we can all play along together. You can build your $75M team and trade people and teams in and out until the Wednesday before the Bahrain race, after that trades are limited. There's also a spot to make predictions about each race along the way. 

And what could you get by joining the league and maybe winning???  Braggin' rights naturally -- no different than what Toto gets when the Silver Arrows pick up their 5th straight Constructor's Trophy (ok, so he gets a trophy too).

So -- will you be in front of the pack like a Silver Arrow OR bringing up the rear with the Swiss Alfas?

Posted on March 4, 2018 .